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Painting is a way to express oneself on canvas or paper. Artists who paint put in their emotions more than effort to create a master piece. Their way of seeing things are different and every artist has their own style of painting. For those who are interested they can easily get Buy Watercolor Paintings Online to decorate their home or place of work, online. There are many types of painting styles that you can find and every style is beautiful in their own way. This text comprises of two such styles of paintings – abstract and watercolor.

Watercolor Paintings

When pigments are mixed with gum arabic or other binders and applied on canvas is what is known as watercolour painting. The water used evaporates and the pigment is fixed by the binder on the canvas. Watercolours have been used since 1750. The quality and beauty of watercolour paintings come with the amount water used in spreading the paint on the canvas and the quantity of gum used to bind the pigment.

Indian watercolor painters are known for their magnificent panache and skill. India is a land of cultures, traditions and amazing natural scenic beauty. Watercolour painting is not an easy to execute art. The artists who excel in this have known to produce some excellent pieces of work. Artists like the others have taken their work online and you can find paintings that have the stroke of a genius. You can easily Original Watercolor Paintings, from online sites. Although there are different mediums such as art galleries, museums and art schools where you could buy them, your best option is to purchase them online as you have more variety to explore.

Abstract Paintings

Such paintings are a visual delight. Artists create a world of colours. Abstract paintings will stir your emotions. This form of art seems to have emerged from the Renaissance period. This form of art is considered more modern against the traditional school painting in Europe. This form of art was considered to be pure art as the subject of paintings were created by the artists and not taken from the world. In an abstract painting you will see creative shapes, capricious colours that reject the perception of 3D. Different artists have different beliefs about abstract painting and you will find a sense of freshness and uniqueness in every abstract painter’s style of painting. For instance Orphism in abstract painting is known for bright patches of colour while Fauvism is painting objects in arbitrary colour. These two are not the only styles within abstract there are several more depictions which are different for every artist.

If you think your mind connects with the beauty and individuality for abstract painting then you could Buy Abstract Art Paintings Online. Abstract paintings have their own style statement and have the ability of changing the look a room completely. Whether it is your office or room you could have an abstract painting of your liking to decorate a wall on your home.

Tips to Sell Your Watercolor Paintings in India

Are you an aspiring artist? If you have an artistic touch to your individuality, then you can be benefited from the same by selling your watercolor paintings in India. There is a big community of art lovers which Buy Watercolor Paintings Online. It offers you an immense exposure to showcase your talent. At the same time, you can also earn a good amount of money by selling your art online. Here are some tips to gain maximum profits in the same:

  • Write Attractive Artwork Descriptions: The websites that are reliable for selling your art would encourage you to write full descriptions for each artwork that defines your inner sentiments. A well-presented bio along with an art statement is a must to entice the targeted audience. You must ensure that the description is easy to read. It must be free from any spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. To gain more traffic to your artwork, you can even write down an SEO-friendly description with the right set of keywords.
  • Become More Social: On the online platform, anything that is highly social and interactive is bound to sell. As the socially-active group of online users would recognize your talent on the social media, there are higher chances of your artwork being sold out. You can make use of the leading social media platforms like the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so more to showcase your watercolor painting and other artwork to the people out there. As they would acknowledge your talent, your sale records are bound to go high.
  • Start an Art Blog: You must be aware of the fact “Content is King”. Therefore, you can make use of the same to promote your special artwork on the online platform. With so many blogging options, you do not have to carve out much time and energy in drafting a creative blog for your targeted audience.
  • Team Up with Leading Artists: Another great option to make your artwork famous on the online platform is by teaming up with leading artists. You can consider creating a group blog or some community wherein you can remain active to know about the latest ongoing trends related to your art. Moreover, you can also come across an active group of potential customers on such platforms who might get enticed by your watercolor painting.
  • Advertise Your Art Website: If you have an individual website of your artwork, then you must leave no stone unturned in advertising the same. You can make use of several online marketing strategies to bring more customers to your site who would Watercolor Paintings Online. Moreover, your website must have all the essential components to attract the targeted customer base to the site.

Do you wish to sell your watercolor paintings in India? You can reach out to the people who buy watercolor paintings online by going through the tips as mentioned above. This would promote your inner talent and would make you earn the desired success in your art career.

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